Estate Planning

Led by Board Certified Estate Planner, Ryan Randall, the estate planners of Staubus & Randall in Dallas, TX provide sophisticated estate planning advice to our clients. Sought after by wealth management advisors, accountants, business owners, and high net worth individuals, our estate planners employ innovative and traditional estate planning strategies to assist their clients in minimizing taxes, asset protection planning, and business succession planning.
Our estate planners also represent clients in probating wills, including having the will admitted to probate, and working with the Executor in timely filing the required Inventory, Appraisement and List of Claims with the Probate Court, resolving issues involving community property, and advising Executors as to the strategic funding of testamentary trusts in order to achieve maximum tax savings.
Our tax practice includes the preparation of Federal Estate Tax Returns, State Inheritance Returns, and Income Tax Returns for estates and trusts.

Estate Planning
Asset Protection Planning
Business Succession Planning



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