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The experienced litigators at Staubus and Randall are here to provide skilled guidance in disputes regarding wills, trusts, and guardianships. Our legal advice also includes reviewing all the facts of your situation, advising you about important deadlines, and generating estate plans that protect your assets and secures your future. We also advise executors, trustees, and beneficiaries of their duties and rights.

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Decades of Knowledge and Experience in Estate Litigation

Staubus And Randall Team

Decades of Knowledge and Experience in Estate Litigation

The Dallas estate litigation attorneys/probate litigation firm of Staubus and Randall provides legal representation for probate, guardianship, and trust litigation, as well as estate planning and asset protection. We help people safeguard their estates and protect their rights during estate and trust disputes.

Our knowledge and skills have been developed through years of dedicated practice in probate courts. This allows us to handle both routine, uncontested probate matters, as well as conflicts, including high stakes estate, trust, and guardianship lawsuits.

The innovative techniques of our estate planning practice minimize income, gift, estate, and generation-skipping taxes. We also handle succession planning for closely-held businesses and asset protection planning for professionals, high net-worth individuals, and families seeking to protect their assets from the risk of loss.

Staubus and Randall gives the legal support you need to move your probate or estate planning process forward smoothly and efficiently. Get in touch with us today.

Meet the Team

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Estate Litigation

Our law firm helps heirs, executors, administrators, and beneficiaries who take issue with the way an estate is administered. The experienced estate litigation attorneys at Staubus and Randall are prepared to make sure that your deceased relative's wishes are upheld. We are not afraid to take our clients' grievances with an estate to trial and will use our decades of experience to develop creative solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Estate Planning

You have spent your life establishing assets like your home, investments, car, and bank accounts, and you should have the peace of mind that it is all protected regardless of what happens to you. The knowledgeable attorneys at Staubus and Randall will help you develop a comprehensive estate plan that protects your assets and allocates them to the beneficiaries you have selected to continue providing for your loved ones.

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Trustee Disputes

A trustee is a person who manages a trust for the benefit of its beneficiaries. Staubus and Randall represents individual trustees, corporate trustees, public and private charities and foundations, and beneficiaries in lawsuits concerning breaches of fiduciary duty, risk management for trustees, suits to modify or terminate trusts, suits for removal of trustees and damages relating to breaches of fiduciary duties.

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Will Contests

A person who executes a will is called a testator. If an interested person who has standing believes that a testator’s will is invalid due to lack of mental capacity, undue influence, forgery, fraud, or it does not accurately reflect the intent of the testator, this person can start a legal process to contest the will. Staubus and Randall focuses on representing clients who want to challenge or defend the validity of a will or trust.

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At Staubus and Randall, we understand how to help people with the difficult process of seeking legal appointment to manage personal or financial affairs for another person. Often the result of a person’s diminishing mental capacity, these circumstances are delicate and complex. Our clients can be assured that our attorneys will be sensitive to their situation and needs while aggressively litigating contested guardianship cases.

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Asset Protection Planning

Our firm is well versed in using creative tools and options to ensure our clients' wealth is protected. Depending on your situation, we can set up a combination of trusts, corporations, family limited partnerships, and more to build an asset protection plan that meets your specifications. Our attorneys will explain every aspect of the plan to you so you have a full understanding of how it operates.

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Practice Areas

Why Choose Staubus and Randall

Experienced guidance to protect your interests and assets

Staubus and Randall's attorneys are highly experienced estate litigators and estate planners who focus solely on probate, trusts, guardianships, and estate planning. With over 100 combined years of legal experience, our compilation of specific skills and resources are brought to each case for innovative and results-orientated representation. Our AV rating is the highest available from the prominent law firm rating service, Martindale Hubbell, offering the benefits of a large firm but in a boutique atmosphere with dedicated, personal service to all of our clients.

We can help you better understand what our firm has to offer when you schedule a consultation, and we discuss your situation and answer questions you have.

In addition to Dallas, our attorneys also serve Plano and Richardson.Learn More

Probate Court

What Our Clients Say

"I recently had the occasion to hire Mr. Staubus for a hotly contested Guardianship matter. Mr. Staubus brought a rare combination of effectiveness, reasonableness and understanding of the human element involved. Mr. Staubus handled all things in a calm, highly competent, effective and reasonable way. It could not have been as easy as he made it seem. He's a credit to the Bar."


"Before retaining the guidance of the Staubus & Randall firm, I was at my wit's end trying to close an uncle's estate as a co-executor. In addition to dealing with difficult heirs, I had other pressing business issues coming up immediately on estate land in the middle of the Eagleford Shale including dealings with pipeline, seismic, oil & gas, and construction companies. The local bank also refused to give me access to information relating to the estate. This quickly became the most stressful and desperate time in my life...and then I found Joseph Legere who truly became my guardian angel. He was able to get all issues resolved efficiently and the estate fully closed. His professionalism, immense legal knowledge on a wide variety of topics, and amazing communication skills took the burdens off of me and quickly got closure. I am forever indebted to this firm for giving me my life back."


"Without exception, the legal service, professional attitude, prompt communication of your firm and your legal knowledge is second to none. I only wish I had an attorney here in Boston that could hold a candle to your experience and expertise. Working with you has been a pleasure, but even more, has made me believe that there are knowledgeable attorneys that do care about doing a good job. Thank you Keith! You may not truly understand how much of an impact you are having on peoples lives, but for me, you have helped change my life. As I begin making my dreams come true I can't help but remember none of this would be possible without you."


"Keith Staubus and Julie Blankenship and their team represented me in a jury trial in the probate court where the ownership of the business which I had worked hard to build was at stake. They successfully fought to preserve my business and my professional reputation, working masterfully to gain the support of the jury. I would not hesitate to hire them again in any bet-the-company litigation.”


"I have required legal representation twice in my life in two separate will contests. Both times I sought assistance from Keith Staubus and Staubus/Randall. Their service, approach, and determination to obtain results exceeded the other attorneys in each case. Mr. Staubus has always come across as genuine while being direct. He gets the process done in a timely manner with results. I will certainly use him again when and if any new challenges arise.”


"After my husband's death, I was devastated by having to defend against a vicious dispute over my husband's estate. Julie Blankenship and Keith Staubus made me feel very comfortable in this distressing situation. They were very tough and did an excellent job for me in obtaining a summary judgment in my favor without a full jury trial. I was glad to have them and Diane Walker in my corner to help me achieve an excellent result - I won! If I ever had to go back to probate court, I would hire them again.” - (will and trust construction case)


"If you need intervention for someone you love but don't know where to turn or who to turn to, Julie Blankenship and Keith Staubus helped me through the most difficult and stressful time in my life with a much loved family member. I now believe that good will triumph over evil. They fought for what was right, and good prevailed." (contested guardianship and will contest)


"As a professional money manager, I have used Ryan Randall's estate planning services both personally and for my clients. Ryan has exhibited three critical attributes in his work with me: (1) high intellectual capacity, (2) exceptional thoroughness, and (3) a total commitment to integrity. In today's litigious world, it can be quite costly not to "get things done right.” An added bonus to us was that we found one of the nicest people we could imagine.”


"I was represented by Keith Staubus as an income beneficiary in a lawsuit with the trustee of a family trust. Utilizing the expertise of a forensic accountant and his own trust expertise, Keith was able to negotiate a judicial modification of the trust providing for the buyout of my income interest for a substantial lump sum payment out of the trust, resulting in a win-win situation for all of the parties. I highly recommend Staubus/Randall for any trust disputes and trust modification actions."


"I have been a wealth management specialist and retirement plan consultant with the Dallas/Fort Worth financial community for over 20 years. I have engaged Ryan Randall to work with a number of my best clients over the years, including business owners, professionals and families. My clients always appreciate Ryan’s straightforward approach to estate planning, asset protection planning and business succession planning. He makes even the most sophisticated estate planning strategies understandable."


What Should I Expect

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Information you need for probate and estate matters

Staubus and Randall is committed to protecting your interests, so we will discuss all the details of your circumstances and ask for specific documentation. This means getting to know you, your family, and your financial situation, so we can explore every option on your behalf. We will form a proposal for you to consider what steps to take. Once we agree on a plan, we will implement it to achieve your goals.

If your situation includes a dispute, we endeavor to come to a resolution through mediation or reconciliation whenever possible. If a lawsuit is your best option, we will aggressively pursue a litigation plan that strongly advocates for you.

Here are some of the items you may be asked to provide during a probate or estate planning process:

  • List of assets owned (personal property, vehicles, property)
  • Bank account statements
  • Retirement and investment account statements
  • Businesses formation documents
  • Death certificate (if applicable)
  • Estate planning documents (wills, powers of attorney, trusts, etc.)


Some of the attorneys at Staubus and Randall have earned special recognition from Thomson Reuters as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars. These special distinctions are awarded after extensive review, both by peers and independent parties.

P. Keith Staubus was recognized as a Super Lawyer in 2005 and 2009 - 2021.

Joseph E. Legere was recognized as a Rising Star from 2010 - 2012 and 2014 - 2015, and as a Super Lawyer in 2020 and 2021.

Kelly C. Walker was recognized as a Rising Star in 2011, 2012, and then from 2014 - 2017, and as a Super Lawyer in 2021.

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Leveraging our experience and integrity, we will guide you in achieving what is best for you and your family. You can rely on the experience and integrity of Staubus and Randall to navigate the best legal course of action for your situation. Put our experience to work for you.

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What is Probate Litigation

Probate is the legal process of distributing the assets of a deceased person. Any debts are paid off first, and then the remaining assets are distributed to the beficiaries under the decedent's will, or the heirs at law if there was no will. This can be straightforward, but in some cases, it can be controversial. Probate litigation occurs when these disagreements result in someone filing a lawsuit. These lawsuits often occur when:

  • There is a question about the legal meaning and effect of certain statements in a will.
  • There is concern that the will is not valid.
  • There is a belief that executors or administrators have not fulfilled their responsibilities correctly.
  • There is a dispute concerning right of survivorship or pay on death designations.
  • There is a dispute over validity of retirement benefits designations.
  • There is a dispute over the validity of life insurance beneficiary designations.
  • There is a dispute over who are the heirs-at-law (including claims of illegitimate children).
  • There is a dispute over community property issues.
  • There is a claim of common law marriage.
  • A creditor files a claim against the estate.

Law firms that handle probate cases only a few times a year often do not have the experience or resources necessary to adequately assist clients in complex probate litigation. The attorneys at Staubus and Randall have a solid foundation in probate litigation and have handled numerous types of disputes in and out of the courtroom. Find out why so many people choose our team to represent them when it matters most.

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